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We, the Faculty of Ursline Women's Teachers' Training College, Lohardaga, empowered by the Spirit of Jesus Christ and led by the Charism of our Founders, St. Angela Merici and Fr. J.C.M. Lambertz, are called to make Conscious Efforts, to see the signs of the times and launch out to help the students to be integrated persons and torch-bearers for the future generation through Christian Values and education.

We enable them to stand in the world respectfully; to face the Challenges of life; to recognise the human dignity and contribute to the Building up of the Nation.


The Name Ursline

The Ursline women's Teachers' Training College derives its name from St. Ursula the patroness of the Ursline Sisters.


St. Ursula

St. Ursula was a virgin and martyr who was highly venerated in the West as the patroness of educators and the youth. St. Ursula's undivided Love for Christ even to the point of martyrdom had inspired St. Angela deeply.

St. Angela

Angela was born in Desenzano, in North Italy. Angela was a Tertiary of St. Francis of Assisi. She served people of all ranks. She began to teach catechism to children and families to revive the faith. . She also cared for the most neglected, those suffering from syphilis, a deadly disease at that time caused by immoral sinful living.

The Ursline Congregation was founded by St. Angela Merici in Brescia on November 25, 1535. Angela wanted her daughters to emulate the love and heroic courage of St. Ursula, her generosity and zeal and educate children and women, and thus renew the families and bring about transformation in Society and give it a new life. Angela wished her followers never to abandon their apostolate among the youth.

It was Angela's deep humility to wish that while her SPIRIT should remain alive in the Congregation, it was nevertheless not to be named after her, the Foundress. In imitation of this, today in India, there is a large number of educational institutions which bear the name of St. Ursula.

Fr. John Lambertz

John Lambertz was born at Hoogstraten in Belgium. In response to God's call he left behind his successful career of a Chemist and later became the Parish Priest of Tildonk. At that time Tildonk was in a state of spiritual destitution.

With the help of three generous young women he began educating children, especially girls, believing that they in turn would change their families and renew the face of the Church and the society at large.

The little group of Sisters increased in number and a Religious Congregation was born. They were given the Constitutions of the Urslines of Bordeaux, France, who were founded by St. Angela Merici. Fr. John Lambertz called his Sisters "Daughters of St. Ursula" which started in Tildonk, Belgium on 30th April 1818. Thus, today we are called the Ursline Sisters of the Congregation of Tildonk.



College Emblem

The Open Book

Indicates that the students and teachers of Ursline Women's Teachers' Training College, are to be fully open to imbibe knowledge and wisdom and be ever ready to diffuse it far and wide. The teachers and students are invited to learn wisdom and knowledge from the books.

The Rising Sun

Removes all darkness from the earth. This college aims at removing all forms of darkness such as ignorance, casteism, racism, pride, selfishness, apathy etc. from the minds and hearts of the students.

The Fully Open India

Is an invitation to accept students from anywhere irrespective of caste or religion. And those who have been in this College are expected to go out to any place to spread their knowledge without inhibition.



Aims and Objectives

One of the major aims and objectives of the Founder Society is to educate the girls and young women in a spirit of service to the humanity. The Society's priorities in education, are not only academic excellence, but also formation of girls and young women in discipline, hard work, moral and religious values. These priorities are meant to prepare them for life, by promoting intellectual excellence, uprightness of character, emotional maturity, scientific temper, spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship through co-curricular activities, moral sensitivity to the needs and rights of others especially the poor, religious tolerance and national integration.

It is the aim of the College that the students who take their training here become integrated and well formed guides who will companion the young learners on their journey of becoming fully human.